Since 2016, we are now seeing a new and growing trend, where we find that a lot more consumers are now opting and actively seeking organic and healthier food options for their daily meals. There is a now an understanding and awareness among general public about the level of synthetic colors and preservatives they normally find in their daily packaged foods. Consumers are now conscious about the ingredients that are mentioned on a food label. They seem to be opting for packaged foods describing ingredients that state organic or those stating clean labels (declaring a synthetic free product).

Prasan Solutions India Pvt Ltd., is globally known for developing, innovating and manufacturing “Natural Plant-Based Food Solutions” for preservation and for coloring of food products.  We provide innovative food solutions to large, medium and SME food manufactures ranging in a variety of food options from confectionary manufacturers, large organized bakery chain-production out-lets, Cloud kitchens, Quick Service Restaurants, Ready-to-eat packaged food manufacturing units, units involved in production of sauce, jams pickles and for manufacturers who require customized natural coloring for ice-cream, milk and colored yogurt-based products. Today at “Prasan-Solutions” we have been successfully meeting this growing demand for natural preservatives and natural colors since the year 2012 across regions – APAC, S.E Asia, EU, MENA and US regions.

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ROBUST NATURAL COLORS – Open for distribution

  • Natural Plant-Based colors in 10 gm and 100 gm liquid bottles or 10-to-30-gram powder sachets.
  • Heat stable colors that withstand baking temperatures.
  • Ideal colors for replacing synthetic colors from food groups like – ice-creams, colored yogurts & milk-based drinks, cakes, glazes, whip-creams, panna Cota and desserts for a healthy consumption.
  • To be distributed – Supermarkets, bakery focused stores, to bakers, organic brick & mortar stores. Wholesale and retail distributorship open.
  • Regions for distribution open for: India (North, South, East & West).
  • Clients presently using ROBUST NATURAL COLORS”:
    • Ice-cream manufacturers, Artisan Bakeries Chocolate outlets, Pâtissier Chefs, Home cooks.

PRESOL NTS – Open for distribution

100% Natural Plant-based formulation for a safe and healthier edible cooking oil.

  • Natural Fry-Time Extender in Palm-olein – Extend your edible frying oil time naturally by addition of our “Plant-based”, NTS formulation series.
  • FSSAI and FDA guidelines approved
  • Distribution Region open – Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chennai
  • Clients presently using NTS series formulation for “Fry-Time Extension”:
    • Quick service restaurants (QSR), Cloud Kitchens, large hotel chains, bakery chains, chips manufactures using automated, semi-auto or standalone frying methods.